On March 3rd, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg made the closing remarks for a conference on immigration reform, hosted by the Center for Migration Studies and SUNY Levin Institute.

Mayor Bloomberg announces new immigrant entrepreneur initiative from SUNY Global Center on Vimeo.

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Mayor Bloomberg aims to help immigrant entrepreneurs through competitive grants given to community organizations in helping immigrants develop business plans and gain access to credit and business networks.

Mayor Bloomberg also announced three new steps to make it easier for immigrant-owned businesses to start and grow in New York City.



JumpStart NYC

Coming soon…JumpStart NYC 7.0 bootcamp will take place on May 2 through  May 9, 2016.  This May session will be 6 full classroom days (no Saturday or Sunday) and will have an Arts Track.

Information sessions will be held on March 22ndand 30th from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.  Register for an information session athttp://www.eventbrite.com/event/1324494599

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Town Hall Forum in Utica
“Our Community, Our Future”

NY Skyline

Monday, March 21, 2016

4:30 – 6:00 pm
SUNY Institute of Technology
Kunsela Lecture Hall

Reception to follow


Discussion moderated by
SUNY IT President Wolf Yeigh and
Levin Institute President Garrick Utley

Expert Panel:
Dr. Ronni Tichenor, SUNY IT Faculty,
Steve DiMeo, President of Mohawk Valley EDGE, and
Stephanie Cabral, SUNY IT Student

Come get the facts and participate in the dialogue with experts, community leaders, and students about how New York State is fairing in the Global Economy.

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Full Poster HERE

Press Release HERE

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Heating, Ventilation And Air Contractors: Factors to Consider in Hiring One

Ace San Diego HVAC

Hiring the Best HVAC San Diego CA Contractor is a critical decision any home or business owner should make. After all it has repercussions on the home or business’ finances, and at the same time a huge impact on the over-all comfort of the occupants.

There are many factors to consider in hiring a reliable and efficient HVAC Contractor. And while the Internet helps a lot in terms of generating a list of potential Air Conditioning Company San Marcos, as well as checking on their Feedback, certification, licenses and industry membership, the Word Wide Web can also give information overload making decisions in hiring an all the more confusing task to undertake.

The best way to maximize the resources the Internet offers in terms of finding an HVAC Contractor is to have a shortlist of referred and most recommended Lakeside Air Conditioning Company in your community specifically from friends and family living in the same neighborhood. Forums can also be a good venue to ask for recommended HVAC Contractors but nothing is better than getting a recommendation from someone who has experienced the level of service rendered by the El Cajon Air Conditioning Company HVAC Contractor they are recommending. Once a shortlist is generated, that is the time to utilize and fully take advantage of the information that can be found over the internet.

Here are some factors to consider in hiring an HVAC Contractor:

  1. Certifications. It is very important to turn over HVAC equipment to a professional who can safely and reliably install HVAC Systems. Among the certifications that an HVAC Contractor has to possess include:
  2. Contractor’s License – Each state has its own requirements for an HVAC Contractor to operate and the state usually gives a license to operate.
  3. EPA 608 CertificationThe Environmental Protection Agency or EPA requires certain contractors handling chemicals that may affect the environment to have an EPA 608 Certification.
  4. NATE Certification – This certification may not be a requirement for an HVAC Contractor Company to operate but it signifies service excellence. NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence which basically vouches for the ability of a HVAC Technician to carry out contractor services through independent testing.
  5. Experience. It would be great if the HVAC Contractor has a “Factory Direct Experience” wherein he or she becomes familiar with the HVAC equipment and had been oriented about it directly by the manufacturer. Apart from being very knowledgeable about each brand, having a Direct Factory Experience will also minimize mistakes in installations, and will also help in ensuring safety during installations and excellent routine maintenance practices. Continuing HVAC Education like attendance to seminars and workshops is also important because it assures the clients that the HVAC Contractor is up-to-date when it comes to the best practices and latest techniques on HVAC installations, repairs, and routine maintenance work.
  6. Pricing Policy. It is best to know if the HVAC Contractor at the very least give a free inspection and an accurate quotation for every project. This is to help the client manage his finances in relation to the HVAC project to be carried out in his home. Moreover, it is important that there are no hidden costs involved in the project, and that the project comes with a warranty should any problem arise.

Apart from these three factors, the quality of service as well as efficiency and trustworthiness should of also be top of mind when hiring an HVAC Contractor. Only research, and direct contact with the prospective contractor can help a customer determine if the HVAC Contractor he is eyeing will do well.

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Tips on Hiring a Reliable and Efficient Electrician

It is not easy to find a reliable, competent, and experienced technician, who is trustworthy. Photo Credits

It is not easy to find a reliable, competent, and experienced technician, who is trustworthy. Photo Credits

Not all homeowners have a stand-by electrician contact for emergency electrical problems, or electric-related services around their home.

More often than not, a frantic search takes place when something goes wrong in the home, a new electric fixture needs to be installed or replaced, or worse when an electrical emergency occurs in the home.

This is when all the stress happens because frankly, it is not easy to find a reliable, competent, and experienced technician, who is trustworthy enough to make the homeowner feel comfortable to have around his or her home for a certain period of time.

The best time to choose an electrician then, is when a homeowner does not need one so that there will be ample time to verify and evaluate the services being offered by the electrician contractors serving the community.

Here are some tips on Hiring a Reliable Electrician:

  1. Ask around. One of the best ways to find the Best Electrician San Diego CA is to ask for recommendations from your neighbors and friends. At least these people will give you reliable information in terms performance and trustworthiness, and even the level of customer care that could be provided by the electrician contractor that they recommend.
  2. Scour the Internet. Once you have had a handful of recommendations, search the internet for leads on the recommended electrician contractors. If you are not so fortunate about asking for recommendations, then you may also search from the interest for possible leads to good electrician contractors in your community.
  3. Background check. Once you have identified at least three prospective electrician contractors, then it is now time to make inquiries. Are these contractors licensed by the state to carry out electrician services? Do they have the appropriate work permits, and liability insurances? Do they employ trustworthy and licensed professional electricians? What is the general online feedback for this contractor?
  4. Get in touch with the contractor. Once you have narrowed down your selection, the next best thing is to get in touch with the company and know about their policies. Do they offer emergency 24 hours a day, seven days a week service? How much time do they usually need to respond to an urgent call? Do they entertain home service requests during holidays? Can they give free cost estimates without hidden charges? Do they offer all in charges, or would you have to buy your own supplies or equipment? How is heir aftersales service? Do they have a service warranty period wherein if something goes wrong with their installation within a specific time frame, they can re-install or repair it without a fee?
  5. Ask about their pricing. Ask them to provide you their usual menu of Services East and how much do they charge for those. Ask as well about service inclusions so that you can compare the cost of one electrician contractor to another fairly. Now pricing should not be the end all and be all of comparing one electrical contractor to another. And more often than not, the contractor offering the cheapest service cost, may not be the most ideal one to work with because one will never know the quality of service they render as well as the type of materials that they will use to fix or install your electrical fixtures.
  6. Evaluate the level of trustworthiness of their electricians. Apart from professional licenses, capabilities and experience, it is very important that an electrician contractor company has in its roster honest and trustworthy employees that homeowners or clients can comfortably work with. Imagine having an electrician work inside your home is like inviting a stranger to stay in your house and have free access to your family and property – that is something that should be taken seriously. Choose an electrical contractor that can vouch for the trustworthiness and integrity of their electrical team so that you will have the peace of mind to have the over at your home.

Once you have already taken note of everything, then you will be armed to make the right decision in hiring the best electrician contractor for your home.

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